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Author Topic: And now for something completely different... Gwent!  (Read 67 times)

Offline Chad Brown

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And now for something completely different... Gwent!
« on: June 05, 2017, 07:45:35 am »
For those of you who played the Witcher series of games by CD Projekt Red, it should come as no surprise that CDPR have come out with an online version of the trading card mini-game included in the Witcher 3 game, Gwent. I have been playing it since closed beta and have found it intriguing to say the least. Mind you I have never played a "Trading Card Game" (TCG) before and have never felt the inclination to do so. But I played the game in the Witcher 3 game and was instantly hooked. The back and forth of the rounds, the subtleties and nuanced play styles, the tactics and deck building all make for a very tactical and well paced game.

It is F2P and you can get all cards through grinding out rounds, or if you are a bit more free with your cash you can buy cards (not specific cards but card packs with random cards inside). I am cash averse and have found that I have been able to build a very competitive deck with nothing more than grinding games. I was concerned that I would come up against allot of wallet warriors, and while that does happen from time to time, it is not nearly as prevalent as I suspected it might be. I win as many rounds as I lose.

I see this game possibly moving into the E-sport realm and having competitions for money eventually.

In any case If you are interested you can sign up for the open beta here:


I am Depco in game. I know they have a friends list of some sort but I have not yet tried it out.  Let me know if you already play or sign up for an account. I don't believe they have any sort of referral program. Hope to see you on the battle field.

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Offline Michael Kral

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(Cough) NERD!

Offline Tig_green

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I played some card games back in the day :p

Free to play usually means pay to win but good if it isn't that bad. Lets see if I have time to try this out. I'm interested to get a gaming laptop for some of my games to free some ssd space from my gaming pc (most stategy games can be played with modern laptops I assume).
In order to win you need to be willing to roll the dice.

Offline Chad Brown

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Im a bit surprised by how much computer this game needs to run smooth. My racing rig runs it flawlessly maxed out. My upstairs utility computer (Retired gaming computer from 3 years ago) struggles and even with all low settings has graphical hitches and freezes. So I think some optimizations need to be done yet.

Online Ibby

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What are you telling people!!!
There are no other games except rf2. "PC" stands for Perceptual Car. That box beside your desk only simlulates car racing. It doesn't do anything else. Please continue to use all your free time to lap the track and race like an alien on Sunday. No card playing distractions!
(until there's money involved. Then go play your card game to make money to buy a better PC for better sim racing :-) )

Just kidding of course. I play Elite Dangerous. I'm not sure there's any bigger time suck than that!

Offline Chad Brown

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I play Elite Dangerous. I'm not sure there's any bigger time suck than that!

EvE Online. 'Nuff said.


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