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Author Topic: Project Cars 2  (Read 1544 times)

Offline Chad Brown

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Re: Project Cars 2
« Reply #150 on: December 10, 2017, 11:32:34 pm »
Apparently the changing default view is a known online bug. They don't seem terribly keen on fixing it anytime soon. I just make sure that I have a button mapped to get into cockpit view instead of hood View.

I've also noticed that if you lose focus on Project Cars 2 on the desktop it Goofs up all sorts of stuff both in the head Mount and in project cars 2 itself.

I'm currently setting up a server and am fumbling my way through the configuration files. Each time I fire up the server I think I have it set only to find out that it's not even close. At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated. It seems to me that there are settings that override other settings and I can't seem to figure out which one is actually controlling what's ultimately ending up in the options.

I just simply want to set up a GT 3 and lmp1 multi class server at LeMans. But everytime I open it up I've got some sort of Group C at Brands hatch. It's pretty damn annoying. I'll probably hang it up for the night, have some dinner, and then go watch a movie with the missus. Maybe I'll try to come back to it later.

Offline Simon J

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Re: Project Cars 2
« Reply #151 on: December 11, 2017, 12:35:35 pm »
One way to get multiclass working is like this using -selectds and settings below
     controlGameSetup : false
    "ServerControlsTrack" : 0,
    "ServerControlsVehicleClass" : 0,
    "ServerControlsVehicle" : 0,

Like this is not working as it should be at moment.
 if VehicleClassId is uncommented as it tells you to do for multiclass it restricts to that class only.
so i use like this till a fix comes you get the odd 4th class but it works. You will get Ai on first entry to server but gone till next restart.
     controlGameSetup : true
    "ServerControlsTrack" : 1,
    "ServerControlsVehicleClass" : 1,
    "ServerControlsVehicle" : 0,

     // "VehicleClassId" : "LMP1", (if you use this line it restricts to that class so i leave it commented )
        "MultiClassSlots" : 3,
   "MultiClassSlot1" : "GTE", //1740243009,
   "MultiClassSlot2" : "GT3", //-112887377,
   "MultiClassSlot3" : "GT4", //1553262379,

gladly talk you through it.
 once the rotation setup it is pretty easy to change track and cars in the rotation single class work fine like this too
 I will zip my server up and send you a link :)
It it setup as this first page below

« Last Edit: December 11, 2017, 12:38:41 pm by Simon J »


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