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Author Topic: Mclaren WFG Round 2, First Place Qualifier - Analysis  (Read 52 times)

Offline Tech G

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Mclaren WFG Round 2, First Place Qualifier - Analysis
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:05:20 pm »
Here is the on-board footage from the fastest qualifier in round 2.  From the steering input and limited telemetry information a couple of things are evident besides the usual trail breaking.

His steering inputs while not necessary smooth, once he reaches his maximum input for a corner he stays there and lets the car catch up, even when it looks like he may understeer.  Also, he appears to over rotate the car in a number of the slower corners, which seems to require a small corner exit correction, but allows him to getting hard on the gas sooner.  Finally, he appears to be on the gas during the breaking phase, with small inputs that can help keep the car balance through a corner and maybe keeps the engine revs as a more optimal level.  Just thought it was interesting footage from one of the fastest guys in sim racing.


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Online Scott Arrington

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 Yeah he"s really good,uses all the race track.I believe that"s Enzo Bonito,I might be wrong though.I was watching a replay last night of the WFG race,and saw Jimi Nisula that races with us had qualified 12th,nicely done,and  against the fastest Sim racers around.


Offline Tig_green

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Thanks for sharing. Unbelievable how early he can open full throttle. And the car turns with such an ease. i didn't see anything special in steering input though I must admit there wasn't anything extra in it. There must be something special in the car's setup. Need to try what those small throttle inputs during braking can do for me.

Better watch out for Jimi Scott (I hope WFG doesn't take all his time).

« Last Edit: August 22, 2017, 07:10:06 am by Tig_green »
In order to win you need to be willing to roll the dice.

Offline Tech G

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One of the interesting things that came out of the broadcast was just how many laps each of the top guys do at these tracks on average over 1000!  I am a big believer in setup helping to give you confidence to go faster, but at the end of the day you really need to pound out the laps, find the little differences in line,  corner entry and exit that can make a significant difference to lap times.

Take our latest track for example, Mid Ohio.  It's a new track layout for me and I know that my line, braking points, etc, are costing me significant time, so far I have done a total of 49 laps, maybe less than 1/2 are complete racing laps.  Without having a fast guy in front of you to follow, or live on screen timing deltas, it can sometimes be hard to learn track secrets.

Online Scott Arrington

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 I usually turn between 100 and maybe 200 laps for this EGT mod,mainly because I"m finding the previous track setup needs alot of adjusting and not just the gearing.Also,some of these tracks are new to me also,so you want to make sure you have all 3 sectors down as well as you can.Obviously some people can"t or don"t want to practice as much as others and with the WFG competition your searching for every hundreth of a second in either the setup or your driving lines, so a thousand laps sounds like over kill to most but if you want to make it in the top 20 I guess thats whats needed.

And yes your right Matt,Jimi is really fast,if Mikee and Wyatt come back this could be an amazing season.


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