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Author Topic: Setup Workshop Series - Part 4 - Suspension TAB  (Read 47 times)

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Setup Workshop Series - Part 4 - Suspension TAB
« on: August 19, 2017, 07:39:52 pm »

Obviously, the adjustments you make elsewhere can impact here and visa versa.  For example, Anti-roll Bar and aero can work hand in hand, as well as the diff settings.

I am not going to get into to much here, as this is the part where you can maybe get a good basic setup, but then to shave those last hundredths off a time can take hours and hours of tinkering.  Also, your personal driving style will dictate the kind of car you want.  I personally like something that is slightly loose, but this has its risks.

Ride Height: Generally I lower the ride height to minimum, but may raise the rear if I want a little more oversteer, or raise the front to give the backend more stability, or to help with high kerbs.

Springs:  Harder front springs make car more responsive but maybe more understeer.  Harder rear springs create more oversteer.  Generally harder springs can help settle quickly with fast changes of directions, but also may result in lost of grip.

Slow Bump and Rebound:  Generally the front bump and rear rebound work together and the rear bump and front rebound work together.   I use these to fine tune the cars behavior during initial turn in and on power turn/corner exit.

Fast Bump and rebound:  This is a dark art and I often find I just have to play with these till I notice a difference.

Anti-Roll Bar: I tender to have these as stiff as possible to help with changes in direction.  But for the Aston the rear is normally proportional stiffer than the front.

Toe: I think Ideally you want the toe setting as close to 0 as possible.  However, these settings can have a big impact on the cars behavior. So play with the extreme values and see what you think.   

I tend not to do specific quali setups, but if you do, this can make quite a difference to your lap time.

Bottom line no matter how good your setup up, there will always be guys faster than you.  However, having a car that you have confidence in will always be faster.

I hope this helps some of you and that it also allows some of the aliens to share some of their setup tips.
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